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Help to operate eLORA System
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eLORA System

eLORA (e-Licensing of Radiation Applications), an e-Governance initiative by AERB, is a web-based application for automation of regulatory processes for various Radiation Facilities in India. The objective of the project is to enhance efficiency and transparency in the regulatory processes of AERB. The system is aimed at achieving paperless licensing of Radiation Facilities.

Institute Registration

Institute Registration facilitates registration of institutes in the eLORA system. After successful registration, user account is created in eLORA. The Employer of institute gets USERNAME and PASSWORD for accessing eLORA system on the Email address as provided in application form. The system is operational for registration of following facilities and associated stakeholders:
  • Diagnostic Radiology
  • Radiotherapy
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • RIA (Radio Immuno Assay)
  • Gamma Irradiation Chamber
  • Industrial Radiography
  • Nucleonic Gauge
  • Well Logging
  • Gamma Radiation Processing Facility
  • IARPF (Industrial Accelerator and Radiation Processing Facility)
  • Medical Cyclotron
  • Research and Sealed Source
  • Research
  • Transport Package Manufacturers
  • DAE (Department of Atomic Energy) Facilities-For Transport Approvals
  • Directorate of Radiation Safety/Radiation Safety Agency
  • Calibration Facility
  • Consumer Product

Radiation Professional Registration

A person working with radiation, whose role is defined in AERB’s safety codes, is termed as Radiation Professional (RP). All Radiation Professionals in India are required to register themselves in eLORA for their inclusion in Radiation Facility personnel. Upon successful registration, they will be provided with a unique RP ID. This RP ID will be used by the RP in all further interactions with AERB and the employers.

Help to operate eLORA system

Guidelines to operate eLORA system are available after logging to eLORA account in ‘Help’ menu. The guidelines for Institute Registration and Radiation Professional registration are provided on eLORA portal.

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